Native Instruments – KONTAKT 7.5.2 – PORTABLE

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Problem solving:

Black screen
You can try to choose the appropriate rendering mode using Helper\GUI Tweaker.exe
Libraries are not added to Contact’s NKS browser
Library Manager -> Settings -> Libraries -> Export to NKS Browser
Could not update file error
Cause 1:
Insufficient rights to write to the Kontakt Portable folder (for example, if it is in Program files)
Move the Kontakt Portable folder to another writable location
Cause 2:
The settings file Settings.cfg is saved in UTF-16 encoding (Kontakt Portable v6.5.3) and the library settings contain invalid characters (Hebrew, Devanagari, hieroglyphs, accents, etc. in paths, names of libraries, companies, etc. .)
Open UserData\Settings.cfg in a text editor and save it in UTF-8 encoding.
VST3: swallowed and stuck notes in Reaper
Insert NoteChoke into effect chain before Contact or update Reaper to the latest version
Cubase/Nuendo does not see installed Kontakt, only Portable
Change the identifier (PluginId) in the plugin settings:
VST3: KontaktPortable\Kontakt 7\x64\VST3\Settings.ini,
after renaming the plugin or creating a copy of the plugin with a different name.
The renaming is necessary so that the DAW rescans the plug-in after a restart, and does not use the old plug-in information obtained from the previous scan. Instead of renaming, you can use the appropriate utilities to change the modification date of the plugin file (Kontakt 7 Portable.vst3).
In this example, the factory identifier Ni$D is replaced by Nio5 – the identifier of the modified plug-ins from the Kontakt Portable v5.8 kit
Library tools open with a red DEMO caption
Register (add) a library in the Library Manager (TUTOR VIDEO)
If the library is not added automatically after selecting a folder due to a missing/corrupted/under-downloaded registration file (nicnt-file), then manual (forced) adding will not solve the problem.
Protected libraries are only registered when automatically added.
Error This instrument belongs to a library that is not installed


Release Year/Date : 10.07.2023
Version : 7.5.2
Developer : Native Instruments
Developer Website :
Bit depth : 64bit
Tabletka : cured
System requirements : OC – Windows 8+, RAM – 4GB, processor – SSE4, video card – OpenGL 2.1+, Direct 3D 11.1+

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