ReFX – Studio Production 2 (Nexus 4 Expansion)



Publisher: reFX
Website: reFX Studio Production 2
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: Expansion for Nexus 4. A real treasure trove!
A true treasure trove! :
Studio producers, this one’s for you!
Picking up where Studio Production 1 left off, Studio Production 2 has all of the most professional, crisp, and dreamy sounds you need for any genre. Whether you’re looking for sharp electronic sounds, cinematic synths, studio guitars, classic organs, retro rhodes, or round basses, you can find it all here.
Think of it as your treasure trove of lost gems just waiting to be found, so they can surprise and inspire you! This is the perfect first stop when you’re searching for “that sound” but don’t know exactly what it is yet.

Installation :
Copy the NKS, Presets, Samples folders and paste them into your main Nexus Content folder.


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