ROLI – Equator2 v2.5 (STANDALONE, VSTi3) [WiN x64]


Year/Date of Issue: 10.10.2023
Version: 2.5.1
Developer: ROLI/FXpansion
Developer website: Luminary ROLI Ltd.
Format: SAL, VST3
Bit depth: 64bit
Tablet: Present (R2R)
System requirements: Windows 10 (x64) or higher

Powerful software synthesizer with MPE support.
Equator 2 has six source slots, each of which can be assigned a traditional VCO, Wavetable, FM, granular oscillator or sample.
The plugin contains 42 multisamples with 180 variations. The library includes vintage synthesizers in the style of the Roland System-100, as well as traditional acoustic instruments, including such exotics as the sitar and koto.
Modulation parameters can be configured and adjusted during performance.
In addition to MPE protocol support, sounds can be modulated using envelope, LFO and macro settings. The effects section has also been significantly expanded.
To get started quickly, ROLI provided 1,300 ready-made presets. These include 500 patches designed for playback from MPE devices, as well as 800 presets for standard MIDI controllers.

Additional Information:
The ROLI Equator2 synthesizer will unleash the full potential of MPE – MIDI expression will be similar to real acoustic instruments.
The synthesizer will become the cornerstone in the emergence of full expression in electronic music, the company believes.
ROLI has been actively involved in the development of the MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) standard since the announcement of advanced expression control capabilities. Recently the company introduced the ROLI Equator2 virtual synthesizer, which, according to the company, will reveal the full potential of MPE.
ROLI Equator2 comes with an impressive library of MPE-compatible sounds. The plugin base contains 1300 presets, 500 of which were created specifically for playing on MPE-compatible controllers.
The Equator2 audio engine offers a wavetable oscillator with support for over 240 waveforms and a separate virtual analog oscillator. The synthesizer is equipped with a multisampler, a granular synthesis engine, an FM synthesis engine and a noise generator. The instrument offers six assignable modulation slots, which, according to the developers, will allow you to create an incredible amount of different sounds.
The flexible modulation system offers low-frequency oscillators, modulation source tracking, and a macro system. Compared to the original Equator, the synthesizer received an expanded effects section.
New sampling capabilities let you create samples from your own imported files. Inside the synthesizer there are 42 multisampled instruments: vintage synthesizers (for example, a copy of the Roland System-100), acoustic and electronic instruments.
Since the introduction of ROLI Seaboard more than 10 years ago, the company has invested heavily in research and development of software and hardware that can replicate the expressive potential of real instruments, says ROLI CEO Roland Lamb. “Our research has helped us develop MPE, as well as bring to market a lot of MPE-optimized hardware and software [from other companies],” says the executive.
According to Lamb, the release of Equator2 is the first time a truly flagship virtual MPE synthesizer has entered the market. The potential inherent in the instrument will allow the formation of multidirectional sounds with just different pressing forces, and the synthesizer itself will become the cornerstone in the emergence of full expression in electronic music, the company notes.


1. Install Equator2
2. Run Splice_KeyGen.exe, select “ROLI – Equator2” from the list and click “Register”
3. Install Factory Content and Legacy Content


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