W.A Production – Instacomposer 2 v2.0.0.231219 – TCD (VSTi, VSTi3, AAX) [WIN x86 x64]


Year/Date of Issue: 12.2023
Developer: W.A Production
Developer website: W.A Production
Format: VST, VST3, AAX
Bit depth: 32bit, 64bit
Tablet: cured (TCD)
System requirements: Windows 8 and later

We’ve all experienced those moments when our creativity runs out. Fear not, as the newly updated Instacomposer 2 is your main muse.
This is a powerful MIDI generator plugin designed to revolutionize the music creation process.
Whether you’re a professional musician or just starting out, this versatile instrument offers endless possibilities for creating captivating melodies,
phrases, riffs and chord progressions in various genres and styles.
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Building on the original, Instacomposer 2 comes with exciting new features and improvements that will make your experience even more enjoyable. Organize song ideas and parts with 8 new “Scenes,” providing a convenient way to store different variations in one preset. Melodies can be created in different modes and combined with unique chord progressions for each scale. A new virtual keyboard and dedicated chord menus help with scale and chord selection. The update introduces two next-generation modes. Drums; easy creation of drum parts in various styles and complexity, as well as pad 2; Create fuller sounds by combining pad and chord modes. Artificial intelligence algorithms have been improved to generate rhythm, phrase and melody, resulting in more accurate results. New parameters such as Sustain and Chord Helper provide additional control. The plugin now offers six full tracks, improved performance with reduced CPU usage, and legacy support for loading presets from the previous version.

Each new starting point for Instacomposer 2 generates a unique result, ensuring you’ll never run out of fresh ideas and possibilities for your compositions. Unlike generating random notes, Instacomposer 2 uses carefully designed algorithms and databases to generate musical ideas. Mimicking human creativity, he creates rhythmic and melodic structures that just sound right, choosing notes that fit the given scale and context, and creating coherent phrases that complement the underlying chords. Instacomposer 2 understands our brain’s tendency to recognize patterns in music. AI uses different shapes and formats to create exciting combinations of beats and bars, adding the rhythmic and melodic consistency often found in chart-topping music. By using small pieces of music that repeat or occur in different forms throughout the melody, Instacomposer 2 creates larger blocks, creating a sense of unity throughout your music. Depending on the selected mode and settings, the plugin harmonizes notes to enrich the sound, resulting in a more cohesive composition as it aligns the melody across chords. With custom AI controls and variable chaos options, you’re in charge of how Instacomposer 2 develops ideas (and how far it deviates from the rules). Fine-tune various components such as chord complexity, note filling, beat and bar structuring, pattern generation, harmonization, velocity randomization, and much more.

Instacomposer 2 includes sophisticated algorithms to create melodies, basslines, ostinatos, rhythm patterns, pads, chords, drums and more. By exploring the potential of these modes, you can discover unique and compelling music. With six available tracks and eight scenes, Instacomposer 2 offers the flexibility and organization for multiple layers, alternate variations, and different parts of a song in one preset.

Thanks to the piano’s user-friendly interface, you can easily maneuver, duplicate, and delete notes, breathing life into your riffs. The built-in MIDI editor can be used to customize Instacomposer 2’s output. This means you can manipulate the music before it leaves the plugin, adding your creativity and personal style to the AI-generated phrases. Move, copy, and delete notes in the familiar piano interface, even changing the velocity.

Edit and modify MIDI playback directly within the Instacomposer 2 interface. Save the result as a MIDI file or simply drag and drop it into your DAW. Each track can also be saved separately, providing maximum flexibility. Alternatively, you can set up multi-channel instruments and route MIDI data from Instacomposer to your favorite VSTi. This way you can view all 6 tracks simultaneously without leaving the plugin environment.

Instacomposer includes a huge number of factory presets, much more than in the original version; useful musical ideas for quick launch, which over time can become the basis for entire tracks.

Changes in version:

v 1.0.0. b231219 – Update 20th December 2023
– Bigger fonts in larger scales
– Preset list refresh bug fix

TCD Note

x64: VST3, VST2, AAX | X86: VST3, VST2
Just install! (Same AppID as previous release.)
Required installs to machine to make it work well:
x64: Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable 14.28.29914.0
x86: Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable 14.28.29914.0
…or above.
P.S. There is an installer option to clean up the old Instacomposer 1
support folders. If you choose it, it is recommended to uninstall it
first in the normal method, so that Windows itself removes what it
has to in the “Programs & Features” part of it, and related items.
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Relevant info from past release of this plugin:
You might notice that the Inno installer graphic is pink. There is a
reason for it! TeamCubeadooby proudly presents this release as the
first one ever in an expanded manner: TCD welcomes loverius into
the team because of the tremendous help over a long period of time,
and even further than that, she has worked on this release too, to
such as extent that it is the only reason it exists in the first
place. Rock the hell on!!! TeamCubeadooby 2023!!! How’bout’tha’now?



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